OFW Lessons: Richmond Austria on persistence and determination

5 richmond 2Richmond Austria is Senior Health Data Performance Officer at the Ambulatory Healthcare Services, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA)

“I need to have multiple knowledge and skills in my fields. This requires at a minimum level a commitment to life-long learning as these sciences rapidly evolve in a knowledge-based economy. This is very evident in the health sector as new ways of developing health services become more dynamic and influenced by global information.”

  • Be persistent to do more, be better and become more committed in seeking your dreams. We define who we are and not on what other people think of us as no one else knows us better than ourselves. Life may not be fair but that is life. You learn about life, its limitations and opportunities as you seek to know yourself better. So if you persist that you can do it and reach your dreams, you can inspire people and become a much better person by influencing others.
  • I don’t even consider myself as successful because the moment I think about it, that  would be that time when I would stop seeking it.
  • Our quest should be a never ending one. There are so many things we need to learn and it requires our commitment, persistence and determination.


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