OFW Lessons: Lou Olvido-Parroco on doing things outside the comfort zone

Lou Olvido-Parroco is life coach and a global Human Resources expert.

“I take pride in my ability to foster team cohesiveness through open-communication, by applying a friendly and encouraging1 lou parroco coaching approach, by walking my talk, by being objective, and by rolling my sleeves and work with them as a peer and as a manager at the same time.”

  • I would encourage everyone to start with big clear goals in mind and believe that you can do it.  How?  Just do it.”
  • Be ready to do things outside your comfort zone.  Find opportunities to learn, take the challenges to lead, be brave to live on the edge as these are the only way to grow.
  • As much as possible, do what you really enjoy doing.  When you grow older, you will realize that money is not everything.  Don’t forget that you’ll be living and working for many years more before you retire.  Pick up a career that you are passionate about, enjoy and make the most of it.
  • For you to excel and shine from the rest, strive to always give more than what is asked.  Master the art of exceeding expectations, no matter how small or how big the expectation is.

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