OFW Lessons: Engr. Lilian S. Bautista on learning

6Lilian BautistaLilian S. Bautista is Design and Application Engineer at Daikin-McQuay Middle East FZE.

“Learning is a continuous process as they say. And true, there are more to learn and it’s a good exercise for the brain. Developing ability to think logically and to solve problems are skills that will be valuable all throughout. On personal level, these skills can help you undertake tasks such as planning a vacation, finding a job, organizing a fund-raiser, purchasing a house, or writing a book.”

  • One must understand what hard work really is.
  • Preparing oneself through acquisition of technical knowledge is very important. Those learned in school and in books are not sufficient, but definitely help you ‘exercise’ your brain logically and analytically.
  • In order to learn and grow, go on with on-the-job training and formal training. These will take part into developing a successful career.
  • Take pieces of advises from experienced engineers from your organization, or sometimes even from outside, for they have undergone and understand the challenging tasks of being into technical field. In one way or another, they will serve as your mentors and role models.
  • Try to understand the needs of the organization and work with colleagues harmoniously and professionally. Offer support whenever necessary, for you never know when to need some help, too.
  • Absorb helpful advises and tips from others; these will help you move more progressively. Be attentive and assertive, then implement.
  • Also try to attend seminars and short courses related to the field of interest as much as possible, to increase knowledge.
  • Always remember that the best learning stage is experience… nothing beats hands-on experience.

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