OFW Lessons: Alexie T. Rieza on creating opportunities

3 AlexieAlexie T. Rieza is Manager / HR Business Partner – Global Business Services (UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar & Kuwait) of The Nielsen Company

“I remember hearing this feedback from a non-Filipino who is also an HR practitioner, that the reason why Filipinos usually go to the bottom of the list for being selected for any leadership role is because we never assert ourselves and we are so timid to express our views. He added that we are perceived as better followers than leaders. But of course, on the other hand, overestimating oneself is as bad as underestimating so we have to just keep a sense of balance.”

  • Never underestimate your skills and capabilities and never stop dreaming. Filipinos are naturally modest and meek especially in front of other expatriates who are non-Filipinos. These wonderful cultural values that are inherent to us sometimes or most of the times, believe it or not, hinder our opportunities for higher positions. Now, I am not saying that exhibiting these values is wrong but what I am saying is that sadly, those values of ours are being taken advantage by others and worst, they even perceive those as signs of weakness, which do not conform to the notion of what a leader should be.
  • The best way to succeed in getting into the top of the corporate ladder is not by waiting for the perfect opportunity but rather by creating it. And how do you create opportunities for yourself? Study and learn. Instead of buying the latest and the most advanced gadgets available in the market today, why not invest your money in education? There are hundreds of universities and colleges all-over the UAE that offer various courses and degrees. I really do hope that Filipino expatriates would soon realize this golden opportunity.

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