Pinoy Pro: Ace Roger Labuac


Ace Roger Labuac is  Business Analyst of Goodyear Tires MEA (Middle East & Africa). He is  in charge of financial planning and pricing of the commercial business unit, supporting the Business Unit Director in achieving volume and profit targets. 

“The company has been driven by a clear vision and mission, coupled with open communication and transparency from the top management all the way to the ranks. Everyone is treated with respect and dignity, and each one’s opinion is being listened to and heard.”

Ace YachtPlease mention just one of the most exciting projects you’ve been involved to. Why? – I am involved in the annual operations planning process and this have been an exciting journey for me as it shows how teamwork and cooperation can produce outstanding results. Even if the group consists of people from different backgrounds, a clear sense of purpose sets everything straight and makes everyone accountable, hence the excellent outputs.

Among the different fields, why did you choose your profession? – I enjoy numbers and being able to influence decisions because of what the numbers say. I have been working for 6 years already since 2007.

 What do you think are the advantages of being in your profession? – The advantage of being a finance professional is the satisfaction that one gets, it is a critical role in the organization, being the interpreter of the company’s financial results. Also, it’s a career that is present in all companies regardless of the industry… they all need accountants and finance professionals.

What are the qualifications or skills needed in a job like this?  What advice would you offer someone considering this career?For someone considering to be in the field of finance & accounting, assess yourself as to whether you enjoy “playing” with numbers to drive business performance.

Ace Pic Kazbegi

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