Women of Change: Pinays work to make this world a better place to live in

Vagelyn Tumbaga-Federico The advantages of being in my post is that I can able to train, motivate, empower and recognize people in my organization. I believe it is very important being a leader to see that your employees progress in their career and they develop themselves to be somebody like me in the near future. I love to see others succeed in their career through my guidance and leadership.


Vagelyn Tumbaga Federico

Brigette Mazo-Tagure Personally, doing a service for the community helps obtain the opportunity to interact and meet new people. I once worked in the remote places of UAE. Surprisingly, there are quite a number of elderly people, sick, and never sought medical attention, regardless of the country’s free medical services for locals. My former job was a test out on my career field, and I saw that this fits my own personality. There is nothing as comfortable and satisfying than giving yourself, whether it for time or money or both.

Amabella S. Ong We have come up with the idea of doing a walkathon in conjunction with the world heart day celebration of that year. It was the first time for the hospital to have that kind of event and there were a lot of challenges. We were able to tap both government and private institutions in partnership with us. In summary, we were able to have around 800 participants for the walkathon, started an awareness campaign on how important walking is on ones cardiovascular health and that the community has a partner on their way to health and wellness and that is IMH.

Anna Marie M. Dawis You work hard and you get paid well, you can send money back home everyone is happy and you sleep well at night. But to be able to find a good job and good employer is another story.  A good employer to me is a blessing.This is one of the many reasons why I try to share in my own way quietly from time to time.  We need to give something back somehow, no matter how small.


Anna Marie Martinez Dawis

Raquel Aquino During my three years of stay in Dubai, I was able to see and feel how difficult life is. I don’t go and visit the consulate that much that’s why I am not that much aware of our unfortunate OFW’s being held in OWWA’s care. “God thus use people as instruments for others…a very close friend of mine told me about the situation of our kababayans in OWWA and the moment I knew it, I thought that indeed I am lucky that I have landed in a very good company.”

Lou Olvido-Parroco My husband and I are both passionate about getting involved with humanitarian and community projects since our university years.  Here in the UAE, we are active members of the Couples for Christ community and of numerous Filipino organizations where we get the opportunity to be a part of many humanitarian projects.

Color for Her2

Lou Olvido Parroco

Wella Manabo I work so hard and really strive to be successful because I came from a poor family. Therefore, in many ways, I am able to relate to people who suffer from the harsh realities of life. I understand their pain. I also understand that if I manage to succeed in my chosen career and in my business ventures I will be able to help and reach out to those in need in a more substantial way, and I fervently hope that I may inspire people to do the same. I have learned to give not because I have too much, but because I know the feeling of not having.


Wella Manabo


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