Woman of Change: Wella Mañabo

Wella Manabo is an entrepreneur who is engaged in business development, marketing and events.

photoShe is one of the most promising professionals of her time. Young, driven and ambitious she has brilliantly completed project after project of marketing interactive mobile apps while efficiently running her own business in Travel & Arts. She has collected extraordinary pieces of art from around the world, which you can view and purchase at her web page.

During her stay in Sudan, she was exposed to the realities of life.“People were walking barefoot under the fifty degree heat of the sun. It dawned to me that these people needed every kind of help they can get. At first I did not know how or where to start because I just moved there. But later on I was able to help and reach out in my own special way.”

“Since then I have been involved in charity work. Raising funds with friends for worthy causes, one beneficiary of such funds is the “Live, Love & Reach Out” charity institution in Iloilo, Philippines.”

When asked what motivated her to reach out to people in need she answered, “The suffering of the millions of people in Sudan is really an eye-opener for me…” then she came to a long pause.

“I work so hard and really strive to be successful because I came from a poor family. Therefore, in many ways, I am able to relate to people who suffer from the harsh realities of life. I understand their pain. I also understand that if I manage to succeed in my chosen career and in my business ventures I will be able to help and reach out to those in need in a more substantial way, and I fervently hope that I may inspire people to do the same. I have learned to give not because I have too much, but because I know the feeling of not having.”



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