Woman of Change: Raquel Aquino

Raquel Aquino is Head of Sales for GCC of Trans-Fast Remittance LLC

raquel new picI  implemented a corporate social responsibility program that benefitted six abused Filipino housemaids in OWWA enabling them to return to Philippines

When Trans-Fast entered the GCC in 2009, our goal then is to set up the business and be a part of the remittance market. After being with the company for quite some time, I hear stories about OFWs being abused by their employers.  I feel as a Filipino, myself, I need to do something.  That is when I decided to be involved in extending assistance to my kababayans and convincing our group to do the same. All business aims is growth, to be on top.

During my three years of stay in Dubai, I was able to see and feel how difficult life is. I don’t go and visit the consulate that much that’s why I am not that much aware of our unfortunate OFW’s being held in OWWA’s care. “God thus use people as instruments for others…a very close friend of mine told me about the situation of our kababayans in OWWA and the moment I knew it, I thought that indeed I am lucky that I have landed in a very good company.”

I spoke with my Director and recommended to him my plans of helping people to go home to their families and explained since our company’s goal is to help people value their hard earned money, might as well we include the project of sending home overseas workers as one major corporate social responsibility which even our CEO in New York agreed and commended as a very good project.

This project is not only intended for UAE but also in other GCC countries where Trans-Fast is present. It is not also intended only for Filipinos but also other nationalities such as India, Indonesia and others. . I convinced our management to continue the said program in other GCC countries such as Qatar.


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