Woman of Change: Brigette M. Tagure

Brigette Mazo-Tagure is Bariatric Nurse at Rashid Center of Diabetes and Research in Ajman, United Arab Emirates.

brigetteI learned few years ago that every successful person do more than what is expected. It’s true that no one excels by doing only what is required. When one works with enthusiasm regardless of the job size and compensation, the output is always excellent.

Personally, doing a service for the community helps obtain the opportunity to interact and meet new people. I once worked in the remote places of UAE. Surprisingly, there are quite a number of elderly people, sick, and never sought medical attention, regardless of the country’s free medical services for locals. My former job was a test out on my career field, and I saw that this fits my own personality. There is nothing as comfortable and satisfying than giving yourself, whether it for time or money or both.

As Bariatric Nurse at the Rashid Center for Diabetes and Research, I have been actively involved in most Ministry of Health (MOH) campaigns. Bariatrics which is a small but significant part of a larger facility, deals with the care of obese patients. Out of my busy career, I still volunteer time for the successful celebrations of World Diabetes Day and World Heart Day. I was also involved in lectures and campaigns on health and diabetes awareness to different government offices and public settings, one of which was the famous Diabetes on Tour on Bus project in 2011.

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