Woman of Change: Anna Marie M. Dawis

Anna Marie Martinez-Dawis is Commercial Manager of Ebtkarat General Trading in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

DSC_9563To be able to find a good job here in Dubai gives one a chance to be a better person in all aspects. You work hard and you get paid well, you can send money back home everyone is happy and you sleep well at night. But to be able to find a good job and good employer is another story.  A good employer to me is a blessing.

This is one of the many reasons why I try to share in my own way quietly from time to time.  We need to give something back somehow, no matter how small.

 Months back, I was able to collect an amount from good people and have donated it to UNICEF and Philippine Red Cross for the Yolanda victims. I still have one donation to make because I received a pledge from someone who wants to give as well.

Right now, I am trying to tap a non-profit organization here in the UAE who helps laborers.  I want to share this Christmas some toys which they can send back to their kids in Pakistan and Bangladesh.



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