Woman of Change: Amabella S. Ong

Amabella S. Ong is formerly the Divisional Director of International Modern Hospital in Dubai.

8When I joined IMH last 2011, my major goal is to increase the volume of patients coming to the department at the same time it needs to have the impact in the community especially on healthy lifestyle awareness and education.

We have come up with the idea of doing a walkathon in conjunction with the world heart day celebration of that year. It was the first time for the hospital to have that kind of event and there were a lot of challenges. We were able to tap both government and private institutions in partnership with us. In summary, we were able to have around 800 participants for the walkathon, started an awareness campaign on how important walking is on ones cardiovascular health and that the community has a partner on their way to health and wellness and that is IMH.

 I am actively involved in medical missions and health camps in association with different healthcare organizations. Last December, I was with a group who did some fund raising campaign to help 5 destitute kabayans and gave them free airfare ticket home.


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