Pinay Pro: Laarni de Leon Eugenio


Laarni de Leon-Eugenio is Chief Executive Officer of Ariel’s Design. Confident and fully aware of her capabilities, this Dubai-based royal wedding stage designer and event planner and her better-half teamed-up and established in 2007 the Ariel Wedding and Organizing, also known as Ariel’s Design, mostly a design business for wedding stages. There had been frustrations but they never gave up. With one warehouse, their company has matured and expanded into three warehouses with more than a dozen staff.

qWhy did you choose this profession?  Excitement is in the air the time I would be making wedding stages for royal families. These events demand everyone’s full attention, to the very small and intricate details up to the ostentatious and frequently massive stage decors.

What do you like about what you do? What do you dislike?  I feel fulfilled every time we execute eye catching designs though competition is tough. In this line of business, there will always be that someone who will try to demean our achievements. It may come from the competition or just someone who thinks he can do a better job than we do.”

How long have you been in the service?  I like to think that while the United Arab Emirates continue to attract investors and more designers, we are lucky to have been in this field for a very long time. With our  presence in major wedding events for the past years most people are already familiar with our work or at least have an idea of how we do things. We let our work speak for the company.

What do you think are the advantages of being a stage designer? It gives us opportunity to widen our horizon. Now, Ariel’s enjoys the prestige and honor of having been recognized as an ultimate wedding stage designer in Dubai.

What are the qualifications or skills needed in a job like this?  What advice would you offer someone considering this career? The springboard for success of any once in a lifetime event depends on how you triumphantly create something remarkable. The final output is the key to having a stable market, because it does not matter how grand a stage is in terms of its size, or how long it took to construct. We put the same amount of effort to every stage we make. What matters is the completed project captures the appreciation of the client and anyone else that will see it.”

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