OFW Lessons: Paula Ramirez speaks about faith

Paula Ramirez is presently a Senior Human Resource Assistant at The Emirates Group.

pau1“A friend once told me that the most uncommon best thing about me is that I am so naïve in a positive way. Wala daw masamang tinapay para sa akin. I am the type of person who always strives to see the best in others and maybe that’s the reason why I gain friends easily. I believe in John Locke’s idea that people are inherently good. I am the ‘what you see is what you get’ type of person.”

  • Have FAITH. Seek comfort in God’s loving arms not on any other temporary felicity. Being away from your family and friends will definitely push you to the other direction but being closer to Him and trusting Him with your life helps you focus on your life goals and your true mission why you are here in the first place and that is to work for the betterment of the families we left at home. Make money but don’t let money make you.
  • We should always try to excel in whatever field we are into and make our nation proud. No job is ever too small if you do it with great love and passion.
  • Don’t forget to look back to where we’ve all begun and be proud to be Filipinos because we are world-class and God’s favored people.

“When I look at my life now from a distance, I can say that I am just starting. I believe there’s a lot more that I can accomplish, more things to see, more lives to touch, more hurdles to overcome and more areas for self-improvement. ”


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