Pinoy Entrepreneur: Laarni de Leon Eugenio


Kabayan Weekly photo

For Dubai-based royal wedding stage designer and event planner Laarni de Leon Eugenio, the springboard for success of any once in a lifetime event depends on how you triumphantly create something remarkable.

Laarni has been in the business for two decades and she still falls in love with what she does every single day. She practices by heart the value of working smart not just working hard. She started as Project Manager of Petals in Dubai from 1988 to 2000 then as Event Organizer at Lava from 2001 to 2007.

Confident and fully aware of her capabilities, she and her better-half teamed-up and established in 2007 the Ariel Wedding and Organizing, also known as Ariel’s Design, mostly a design business for wedding stages. There had been frustrations but they never gave up. With one warehouse, their company has matured and expanded into three warehouses with more than a dozen staff.


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